Super Boomer is sneaky

Dad slept with Boomer last night and I slept upstairs in our sleep number.  It is so nice to wake up without my back aching.  Anyway, Boomer did it…he snuck past Dad and came all the way upstairs (15 steps total).  Robert was fast to respond catching up to Boomer right as he attempted to jump up on the bed (28” from the floor).  No, Boomer didn’t successfully get onto the bed by himself but Dad was there to give him a boost.  WOW Boomer was wagging his tail and stretching out, he was so wound up and happy.  He misses sleeping on his sleep number too.

10 thoughts on “Super Boomer is sneaky”

  1. Oh the darling boy…they are so determined.

    It was only after he became a tripawd that I removed the baby gate from my bedroom…but they can be affixed to bottom of the stairs, would it be worth it for when you’re not watching?

    It’s so lovely seeing that happy stretch on the bed thing…(hence, I’m still sleeping on the floor…sigh).

    Hugs and pats to Boomer, sneaky super dog…

  2. Sneaky Boomer! Daisy’s first nite home she slept in bed with me. That’s her normal place and she wasn’t going to sleep anywhere else so I just went with it. We have a little set of stairs that she uses to climb up there.

    Glad you are getting back to your normal stuff Boomer.

    Marla and Daisy

  3. we remember the first time gayle did the stairs by herself…i was so afraid for her and had everything blocked off…but when don left the basement door cracked, she just hopped down the flight of stairs like ‘no big deal’… glad boomer is back in his sleep number – no sore back for anyone!

    charon & spirit gayle

  4. Ah, these tripawds are good at surprising us, aren’t they? I remember the panic attack I had when I opened the back door of my full-size suv and Zeus hopped in without me lifting him! He’s an older boy and didn’t even do that before the amp!

    Glad to hear that Boomer’s confidence is so high!

  5. Super B is back! Ajax did the same thing and still does every now and then. We have worked out a command where he waits for me and sort of jumps and I scoop under and assist – sort of like a pas de deux. But every now and then he gest sick of me jumps up himself. His first time as a Tripawd he didn’t make it all the way up, but he has many times since. I think it’s all about the traction on the floor.

    Anyway, Super B – Ajax says he is sending the cape back soon. It is exhausting to be both an urban furry genius and a SuperLab all at once.

  6. It is nice to have Super Boomer back in bed. He still gets tired easily, guess that comes with being over 7 years old. Today he crawled up in my lap for the first time. He also came upstairs wanting to eat with the rest of the pack today. That was huge! I am so proud of him.
    Ajax, Boomer admires you for holding down the cape and the genius position at the same time. You are beyond Super you are AMAZING!
    Thanks to all,

  7. One thing I will say – when Ajax had his amputation, every time I thought he was back to his old self, I would think again 2 weeks later “wait, he got even better – NOW he is his old self”. The point being he kept improving in energy, etc. We weren’t battling an ongoing cancer and didn’t have chemo to deal with, but don’t get discouraged, Super B will probably keep surpising you. Also he will train you. Ajax was not NEARLY as demanding before I spoiled him (more than usual) during the post-op period.

  8. I just realized something. There are no stairs in Sparky’s life. I have no idea if he can climb them. I’ll go find some on our next walk, see what happens. I’ll report back.

  9. Sparky,
    I can’t wait to hear about your adventures with stairs. I hope you like them even though they can be hard work.
    Boomer has become very demanding and spoiled during this whole event. I don’t mind it either.

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