Hi Everyone,

Boomer had his 8 month ampuversary on Oct. 2 and had the best day ever!  Do you want to know why it was the best day ever? Wyatt and his pawrents Jim and Rene came to visit!  It was wonderful, the boys had Charlie Bear treats and finally got to see each other.  Wyatt is such a super guy and enjoys a couch just as much as Boomer!

The other day I was looking at Boomer and thinking about how much he has been through, how much all the pawrents of tripawds have endured watching their loved furry kids go through amputations.  I don’t think I could have done as well with facing Boomer’s amputation without the help of the Tripawds family.  So I spoke from my heart when I wrote this the other day.  I hope you like it.

So here is to all the survivors, Tripawds and pawrents alike:


It was a normal sunny day

We had plenty of time to play

Grooming hit just the right spot

Then my heart my heart it stopped.

A lump hidden by your soft fur

Cancer you would have to endure

Your beautiful leg had to go away

My heart hit bottom that day.


When I left you at the vet

I didn’t want you upset.

You didn’t understand

As I walked away you licked my hand.

You made it through the amputation

Crying was such a temptation

You wagged your tail and greeted me with love

I prayed for strength from God above.

Your missing leg a gruesome site

Holding tears was such a fight.


You came home, the meds made you ill

At night you would lay so very still.

Night and day I stayed with you

My heart heavy and blue


You showed me all you could do

You taught me not to be blue

You learned your funny little hop

Your spirit it would not stop.

You stayed strong and sure

Teaching me we can endure


A Tripawd you came to be

We grew as a family

Sharing all the familiar tears

Facing all those horrible fears

Thanks to Tripawds we have hope

And many new friends to help us cope

7 thoughts on “Poem”

  1. Happy 8 month Ampuversary Boomer! You’re amazing. Hunter is trying to follow in your paw prints.

    Thank you for the poem. It is so true to what a lot of us endured here on Tripawds.com. It truly touched my heart.

    Love and Labby kisses from Hunter & family.

  2. Oh Boomer, your Momma’s post is such a beautiful tribute, thank you very, very much for sharing it with all of us. If you dont’ mind I’m going to put it in the Forums too OK?

    And HEY! Hoppy Ampuversary Kiddo!!! It was so great to meet you in person, you are even kinder and sweeter than we imagined. And your pack is pretty cool too. Thanks for putting up with Wyatt!

  3. Super Boomer, Happy 8 Month Ampuversary! I can’t believe it’s been that long! I hope you had a great day! Please let your mom know she wrote a very beautiful poem!!

  4. Happy 8 month ampuversary Boomer. I”m so glad you had a wonderful day.

    And what a poem! It is so beautiful and most definitely from the heart. It brought on the waterworks. It says it all. Thank you for sharing it with us.

    Karen and Spirit Magnum

  5. Thank you everyone for tha hoppy ampuversaries to the kind complements on the poem. Jerry, you are more than welcome to post it where ever you want to. And Wyatt is so easy to “put up with”! He is a wonderful guy! But then again…so are his pawrents!

  6. Hoppy 8th Ampuversary Boomer! Glad you survived your visit with Wyatt!

    Keep on rockin’it big guy!

    Travis Ray

  7. sobbing while reading your poem. It is beautiful. Touched my heart, like nothing else.

    Thank you, and hoppy ampuversary!!

    Fenway and Sue

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