Angery at Mom, Laughter and reality

So, I got very mad at Mom and my bi-pawed sister Amber.  They took 2 of my MB brothers AND the stinky cat for a car ride and left me and my MB sister home alone.  I barked to let them know I was not happy.  They ignored me.  I whimpered trying to make them feel guilty, it didn’t work.  They were gone for 6 hours with those 2 Monkey Butts!  BUT when they got back I laughed and laughed and laughed some more.   I bet you want to know what was so funny.  Of course you do.  Well, MB Gilligan got his shots and nails trimmed but that wasn’t so funny.  What was funny is the stinky cat Thatch and the Monkey Butt Sammy got neutered.  Yep you read correct fixed!  They left intact and came back missing their stuff.

Then it happened, as I was relishing in the fact I wasn’t the one to go to the vet and come back missing parts, Mom said “What are you so happy about?  You don’t have your junk anymore either.”  What?!  I checked and she was right.  WOW was I ever let down and put in my place.

Here’s to calmer days ahead.


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