Boomer gets 1st results from pathology.

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It has been a week today since Super Boomers amputation!  Dr. Cowan called today with the preliminary pathology from the section closest to the amputation.  The cancer didn’t leave his leg!  This was wonderful news! We should have results as to what type of cancer and how aggressive it is next week.

This week has been a roller coaster of ups and downs.  From vomiting to not having a regular BM, medication blues to being concerned about Boomers results.  Today, I really started weaning Boomer down on his meds and after he had a real BM (1st real once since surgery) he was sore and exhausted.  Boomer was trembling and at that point I knew the pain got ahead of him.  So, I gave him his tramadol and a Duramaxx.   Besides being under the influence, he is doing pretty well.  He ate his supper without complaining and is perking his ears up for his 2 legged (human) older sister.

Super Boomer says “Hi to all” and has assured me he will be up to posting soon.



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