2 weeks post op

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Boomer is up and moving a lot more, we went for a few short walks (to the end of the block and back), did some stretching and core strengthening.  He was exhausted!  In the mornings he gets on the couch by himself, by evening he needs a little boost to get his hind leg up.  (He looks back over his shoulder so much as to ask for a leg up). I hope he isn’t overdoing it.  Thinking maybe he needs to slow down a bit but he does love his couch time and getting outside more.   

Lately when Super Boomer is sleeping, he is running in his dreams, his amputated area twitches like crazy!  Sometimes when he wakes up, he looks back left like he is trying to determine dreams from reality. 

Today, my sweet boy didn’t have much appetite (even turned his nose up at cottage cheese and rice).  So Amber, his oldest Bipawd sibling went and got some canned Alpo.  That did the trick and he ate most of his 2 meals of kibble.  Tomorrow is his last antibiotic!!!  Yes!!! No more trying to disguise it!!!

I am so thankful for the time I get to spend with him while he recovers.  I am also thankful for a fairly smooth recovery time so far.  I am especially thankful for all of the people who share their tripawds lives and experiences with me and help me through the process that Boomer has had to endure.

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