No more soaker and no more pain meds!

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Hoppy Valentines Day everyone!  My folks took the soaker out last night.  There was a lot of yucky pink and clear stuff coming out of the hole where it was.  Mom spent a while waiting for it to stop pouring out.  Dad said it was just my seroma draining.  I am so happy to get it out though.  The soaker bounced when I hopped and it was very annoying.  Without the soaker I don’t leak anymore because I have a small bandage covering where it used to be.  The best part…NO MORE PUPPY PADS!!! 

I am now completely off the meds except for 2 more antibiotics that Mom is trying to figure out how to disguise so I take them.  I am onto all her secrets.  Also, I am still playing Mom for the yummy food.  I like the special goodies she makes me.  Dad tried to give me a milkbone last night.  I held out for the duck jerky. 

Well, the couch is free so guess I will grab my morning medicinal nap since I have eaten and been out for my morning constitutional.  Hoppy Valentines Day everyone!

Love, Super Boomer

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