Day 10

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Hello Everyone!!!  It is day 10 and the meds are pretty much worn off and my system is getting back to normal.  I am still slightly uncomfortable but decided it is time to jump on the computer while Mom is taking a nap.  (She likes naps.)

So my journey has sure had its ups and downs these last 10 days but my Mom is letting me stay outside longer when I go potty.  Today I walked a short bit (it was exhausting but felt so good).  Then I came in and Mom helped me back up on to the couch.  Today is the first day I have been allowed up there.  Every time I have tried to hint at it my folks told me not yet.  Today, they said ok!  I love the couch!  However, the cat has seemed to be spending a lot of time on it and it doesn’t smell as much like me.  That’s okay; I will do my best to fix the stinky cat smell by sleeping on it as much as possible today.  (When Mom isn’t taking a nap.)

We have cold temperatures here right now and the wind is light, there is no fluffy white stuff yet and this time I am glad about it because my backend is still fairly naked and cold.  It sure will be nice when the hair grows back out.

Don’t tell my family, I am milking getting spoiled when it comes to the food.  Mom has been making me this yummy stuff and then tried to give me kibble this morning.  (Can you believe that? Kibble, Yuck!) I just gave her those sad eyes like the pain was bothering me and poof there it was, the yummy stuff again. 

Every time I go out and do anything my family cheers for me.  I have been housebroken for years!  What is up with this cheering? 

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day.

Super Boomer

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