Supplement for Boomer.

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OK so Super Boomers Dr. called today and I spoke with him about many aspects, 1 being a quality supplement for Boomers remaining limbs.  I am concerned because Boomer is 7 and a half years old that arthritis could kick in because of the stress on his remaining 3 legs.  Also, I am concerned because of the necessary strength building involved for a Tripawd.  Dr. Cowan recommended a prescription called Dauquin.  I don’t know if anyone has heard about this or not.  It has been 3rd party tested and Dr. Cowan says he is positive about what it states is in it is actually there.  This supplement contains everything necessary for joint health and maintenance.   We started Super Boomer on this supplement tonight.  I will let everyone know the results. 

I posted this info in supplements in the forum also.

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