Boomer goest to the ER

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We took Super Boomer to the ER today.  He started vomiting, hasn’t had a BM yet and wasn’t perking up or wagging his tail.  His stats are good, he should have a BM in the next day or so and the ER vet gave him stuff to stop his vomiting.  We have reduced his Tramadol and took him off of the Duramaxx.  I am not going to give him the sedative again because that really zoned him to the point I thought he was going to die. 

No water and no food until this afternoon.  Boomer slept a fair amount since he has been home from the ER and is starting to get up a bit.  His ears are still down and I know it is because he is uncomfortable right now.  We have 1.5 more hours until we can give him some pain meds and then hope he can keep them down.  Boomer, even though he is uncomfortable is still getting up and going outside to pee (something we are so thankful for).  

So, after 4 PM Boomer finally had his first BM since his amputation.  He is now eating and drinking but still not 100% and is spitting up (not throwing up).  Today has been a real roller coaster.  Robert has completely taken over everything in this house so I can focus on “His Super Boomer”.  Boomer is being no more trouble than he has to.

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