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It is so quiet outside right now.  A soft cold blanket has covered my yard, and gentle flakes are falling out of the sky landing in my fur, nestling down to my skin as they melt.  Still being half way unrobed of my warm winter coat; I got a bit of a chill while outside enjoying the first real snow of the year.  When Mom and I came back inside she covered me up with my nice warm fuzzy fleece blanket.  I really like that especially until my hair grows back.  How do my fellow short haired amputees stay warm without blankets, I will never understand.

This morning, I am not in the mood for breakfast yet, this makes my mom concerned but I am just so happy to be on a warm couch and being snuggled up with my super fuzzy blanket; the thought of food has floated away like the snowflakes outside. 

I haven’t had any pain medication yet today either.  (Mom said something to dad about weaning me off of them) I don’t like those nasty tasting meds and have become savvy to all the disguises mom uses.  She has ruined many good morsels of cream cheese, Vienna sausage, bites of liver and hotdogs all ruined by those yucky things.

Well, I am off to take a nap.

Your Tripawd friend (of 11 days) Super Boomer

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