Boomers pain regiment

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Super Boomer is home!  I think his Vet is the best!  Yes, it is Boomers Mom here again.  I just wanted to share the pain regiment Boomer was sent home with.  We are so thankful Dr. Cowan is very into pain management.  So here is his pain regiment for the next couple weeks:

Deramaxx  3PM once daily (pain and swelling)

Gabapentin 5 PM once daily (for nerve pain)

Tramadol every 8 hours  4pm 12 am 8 am 4 pm (for pain)

Cefpodoxime midnight once daily (antibiotics)

Bupivacaine 4 times daily on the 6’s and 12’s Injected into a soaker port, this numbs the nerves and helps prevent phantom pains

I am sharing this in hopes that anyone turning to this forum will be able to talk to their vet about managing their furry kids pain.

Now to the recovery details:

His vet wrote out a recovery and strengthening schedule for walking to build him back up.

And check this out, dissolvable stiches so he won’t have to go through the discomfort of stich removal.

Now as for how Boomer is doing… we have asked him to take it easy for a couple weeks from his Super Boomer job.  He has agreed to try.  He has eaten a bowl of cottage cheese, 2 hamburgers a couple of treats and drank a good amount of water.  He is groggy and not up to moving around much (a good thing).

Hope this meds list helps.  Thank all of you again for your well wishes.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to message me.

Boomers Mom

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Super Boomer Update.

Tripawds is a user-supported community. Thank you for your support!

I finally got to see Boomer and spent the last 3.5 hours sitting on the floor with him.  He is trying to sit up but can’t coordinate his remaining back leg because he is still under the effect of the epidural.   We did manage to get him up and walk him a bit with the ruff wear harness and a towel.  There was a lot of blood but the vet says that is normal.  I walked in front calling for him and he wagged his tail, perked his ears and tried to use that other leg.  He hadn’t eaten since we left him yesterday morning so I took some cottage cheese and he gobbled it up for me.  I am so proud of our Super Boomer.

Boomer didn’t want me to leave when the staff told me to go get something to eat while they take his stats and get more pain meds on board.  So, I told him that I was going to go home and post and update for him.  He was fine with that.

The staff is absolutely wonderful!  When I called in the night they gave me full updates and are very focused on Boomers comfort.   Shoal Creek Animal Hospital and Dr. Cowan (his surgeon who stayed late to take care of Boomer last night) gets 2 paws up from me.

Boomer is out of surgery

Boomer is out of surgery after 2.5 hours.  The tech called while they were closing and then his vet, Dr. Cowan, called after Boomer was awake in recovery. Boomer is still under the effects of the epidural and isn’t aware his leg is gone yet.  He also has a soaker in where the vet is administering a medication to block phantom pains.  This can stay in up to 3 weeks.  Along with that, Boomer has a pain drip going so he will be totally comfortable through the night.  I am so happy Dr. Cowan is so focused on his patients and pain management.  It brings a lot of peace of mind to Boomers family.

While Boomer was gone today, we blocked of stairs with easy people access.  Also we moved 3 chairs out of the entrance room and moved a queen size mattress down for Boomer and me to sleep on when he gets home.  Just as a precautionary, we set up a crate and put some comfy blankets in it in case I have to leave.  I don’t want him to start back to his Super Boomer duties to soon.

As hard as it is we are not going to see him tonight.  The vet recommended we let him rest because (being the super Boomer he is) he will try to get up and wag his tail if we go to see him.  This could cause problems and we don’t want to do that.

This has been a long day for all of us.  Thank you all for all of your support and if Boomer is up to it and home tomorrow, I am sure he will update everyone.