Recovery can be a rollercoaster

It has been 1 month and 1 day today and Boomer is moving slow.  He is licking his remaining back leg a lot and I have checked him several times in fear of another tumor popping up.  There is nothing.  By now I would like to think he is well on his way to being recovered.  Then, it faces me, he is 7+ years old and it is probably harder for him to recover than a younger pup.  It took him a lot of (heartbreaking) time to get up the 8 stairs to the kitchen but he still managed it before my hubby could stop him tonight.  I gave him some tramadol for his pain and hope he is doing better in the morning.  Maybe Boomer has just really overdone it today.   He jumped off of the bed twice and did the 15 stair climb upstairs 3 times not to count coming up 8 stairs 4 or 5 times today.  But, he ate dinner downstairs in the entrance room tonight because he didn’t want to do those 8 stairs.  (He had been eating with the rest of the pack both in the morning and evening for the past week.)  Sometimes it is 2 steps forward 3 steps back.

6 thoughts on “Recovery can be a rollercoaster”

  1. Poor Boomer – I’m sorry he’s hurting. It sounds like he might have overdone it. I hope that’s what it is because you know that will heal.
    Baby couldn’t do near that much, but then she’s got so much weight to carry, everything is a little slower.

    I hope Boomer takes it easy (sounds like that’s not his favorite thing) and feels better soon.

    Hugs and Wags
    Judy and Baby

  2. geesh, we’re tired just reading about his day!!! hopefully a tramadol and a good night’s rest will make the difference. we highly recommend increasing the number of ‘medicinal naps’ boomer takes each day!!!

    charon & spirit gayle

  3. It does sound like he just overdid it. And a month is still really not all that long. The two weeks thing is generally when you see their personality come back, but it takes a lot longer for their strength and stamina to come back. Even with Abby who was a young pup, it was a long time before she was running around at her same old crazy speed.

    It’s not a step back, it’s all just part of the process! Hang in there and hopefully after some rest he will feel lots better!
    Jackie, angel Abby’s mom

  4. That’s a lot of steps Boomie, I would take it easy. I agree with everyone else, a month is not a lot of time and with a dog your size, you’ll need more time to build up your stamina.

    Don’t get sad Tina, he is doing just fine. It’s just a longer process, that’s all. Just take things day by day, and treasure the moments you have together without letting fear of the unknown ruin them.

  5. Super B will not fail! He probably is just tired. And stairs are tough – Ajax still prefers not to do them if possible. He’ll look for a way around. He CAN do them, but prefers not to. Also, I must have called the vet 10 times about Ajax licking his remaining legs over the last year and a half. Nothing is wrong with them, and he has been xrayed, ultrasounded and examined a least 20 times. Try not to worry!

    I remember Ajax suddenly went zooming around about a month out when we got out of the city and onto a flat yard with grass where there were no other dogs — sometimes it just takes them a while to get motivated.

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