Boomer is a back left leg amputee and the other day in was heartbreaking for me to watch him.  He had an itch on the left side of his head and neck.  He was sitting there leaned over on his back right leg and his whole body was moving trying to use the leg that is no longer there to get a good scratch.  (Yes, I went over and scratched his head and neck for him all the way down his left side.)  This was the first time he has done this and I think it was then I really realized the poor guy does have some challenges that he won’t be able to overcome.

Then yesterday, he came up the stairs.  (He has been doing this because he likes to eat with the pack.)  He almost rolled down the stairs falling because MB Gilligan pushed him trying to get through and then MB Sammy thought it would be fun to go after Boomer because he was in such a compromised position trying to keep from rolling/falling down the stairs.  Amber caught Boomer before he fell and I scolded the 2 MB’s for being bullies.  They promptly put me in the people house for reprimanding them.  But today I am out of the people house and peace is restored.  We have blocked the stairs again so Boomer can’t go up them and we are feeding Sunshine and Boomer together in the entrance room.  The MBs dine together in the kitchen.

Guess it isn’t just these beautiful, resilient, wonderful Tripawds that have to recover but their pawrents too from the heartaches of setbacks and realizations of limitations and the knowledge of what the future may bring for their precious furry babies.

It is wonderful to have all of the pawrents and tripods to recover with.

Thanks to everyone.

7 thoughts on “Scratching”

  1. I called it the air scratch. Maggie was also a left rear amp. She would put her chin out and her little stump would move, and she would look puzzled at the lack of itch relief. At some point she stopped doing it, she had found ways to scratch by rubbing on the furniture or her little sis, and she had a way of making it clear to me that it was my responsibility to scratch where she couldn’t reach. My first blog post was about Maggie rolling down the stairs after being pushed by her sis Tani.
    Karen and the pugapalooza

  2. No heartache over the scratching! Just wait: SuperB will catch on, he will find ways to scratch himself (sisal carpet, anyone?) and more importantly, he will become Master Manipulator ensuring that a People runs over and scratches him on a regular basis. I promise, it won’t make your heart break for very long … so you will just realize that you have been enslaved by your Tripawd!

    – Ajax’s Head Scratcher

  3. the scratch challenge is just part of the charm…and it makes sure you always have a job!!

    sorry to read about the ‘tumble’, but monkeybutts don’t always think before acting (nor do our tripawd brothers and sisters…), and glad there’s no permanent damage. baby gates are god’s way of keeping us safe and sane…

    charon & spirit gayle

  4. The scratching thing was something that initially I was sad about, but then I realized that (like Charon said) it made me feel needed. These dogs are resilient and self-reliant, and it was nice to know that Rio needed her momma for something other than just the thumbs to open the “magic closet” and cookie packages.

    Getting the Monkeydogs to realize that they need to find a speed other than collision was more of a challenge than the scratching… We ended up teaching ours to WAIT at the top or bottom of the stairs until they were cleared to approach. Much fewer crashes after they learned that….

    Good luck Boomer!!! Glad you are doing well.

    Rio’s momma

  5. Karen,
    I read the post and I am so sorry, it made me laugh. Boomer is much bigger and I don’t know if it makes a difference but I can only hope he handles is tumbles as well as Maggie. Thanks for the laugh and encouragement.

    Gates are up and MB’s are being taught a new set of manners.

    Also, I am going to have to teach Boomer to roll on the carpet to scratch when I am not here to do it for him.

    Thanks everyone.




  7. Awww setbacks schmetbacks! When I can’t scratch I do my best to be reallllly sad and pathetic and that makes my folks go “awwww” and scratch me for a long, long time. Now THAT is a great way to get some attention!

    Don’t worry Ma, we are like rubber balls, we bounce back over and over again and dont’ think twice about it. Really!

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