Wanted to walk again

Boomer finally wanted to go for a walk yesterday. The day was beautiful, sunny and slightly windy.  It was so nice to spend the extra time outside with him.  I tried to trick him by putting his tramadol (we are in the process of weaning him off again and are down to a ½ dose) in his breakfast and wow did Boomer put me in the people house very quick for ruining his breakfast.  So, I took the tramadol out and he still was mad at me, refusing to eat out of that bowl.  So…I dumped it, washed his bowl and made him a new breakfast.  He chowed down the entire bowl without stopping.  Guess he taught me a lesson. 

Thank you everyone for your support during this phase of Boomers recovery.

8 thoughts on “Wanted to walk again”

  1. glad boomer is getting back to being his old self…cutting back on the tramadol is a great step, as it really can mess with some of our pups.

    charon & spirit gayle

  2. Go Super B! I will eat anything, being a Lab, but maybe you could get your tramadol down in peanut butter or yogurt or cottage cheese?

  3. Baby loves creams cheese. I put pills in that and she licks it off my hand and down it goes.

    So glad Boomer’s perking up. We’re still worried about Baby. She just so sad sometimes. I think we pawrents don’t have much healing patience. We want our pups to be happy and strong NOW!

    Continued walks and fun!
    Wags and Slobbers
    Judy and Baby

  4. I guess we were preparing without even knowing it – we’ve always eaten extra-crunchy peanut butter. Now we put the pills in that and he never even knows – I guess that he just thinks it is another peanut!

    Glad to hear Boomer is doing so great. Not getting a little spoiled, is he? : )

  5. Yay Boomer! I think walks and being outside just does so much for them. I let Porter hop around outside just to “get a snout full” I call it! That will make him feel so much better & happier. Porter was doing great with peanut butter, but yesterday he figured out the game & now wants nothing more to do with it. Good luck – let us know what works for him!

    Sandy & Porter

  6. Boomer has figured out all my tricks, cream cheese, pb, hotdogs, vienna sausage and so on. He is very smart and puts me in the “people house” when he finds a pill. LOL

  7. Hell, I feel like the biggest mean mom. I just stick the pill straight down Gandalf’s throat…no peanut butter, no cream cheese….

    But always something good afterwards.

    so glad Boomer is showing that fine ?spoiled? doggy character.

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