Gray day and the blues

We have a gray day today here and Mom thinks I have a case of the blues to go with it.  Yesterday, I didn’t want to go for our walk and today it is too yucky to go for a walk.  So, I have been out to do my business and the rest of the time has been spent lounging on the couch.  Mom thinks I might be uncomfortable because I snuck upstairs 3 times yesterday and twice today.  She is a worry wart thinking I am doing too much too soon.

I have been good and ate all my food today to try and make her feel better.  The food was made with gravy and slices of beef.  Yummy!  Then there were the two cookies that were tasty, no hesitation when eating those.  So why is she worried, no clue, guess it just comes with the territory. 

Here’s to Spring coming soon.



2 thoughts on “Gray day and the blues”

  1. it’s your mom’s job to worry….glad you are feeling good enough to sneak upstairs… just remember to include medicinal naps..especially when you get cookies!!!

    charon & spirit gayle

  2. Boomer – We moms worry! We worry when you sleep so much, we worry when you move to much, we worry when you don’t eat, you get it. We just want you to be healthy and happy! Give her some time, it’ll get better. Good job on getting some cookies!

    Mary and Lucy

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