Yes, Boomer did it!!!

Hegot on the bed by way of the chest all on his own this morning!!!!  I am so proud of him and he is very proud of himself (very big smile and huge tail wags).

We are getting ready to go camping again this weekend and it looks the weather is going to be beautiful.  Hopefully Boomer won’t mind have a few more pictures taken of him enjoying himself.

Living in the moment,


3 thoughts on “HE DID IT!!!!”

  1. Woot Woot!! Sounds like Boomer is doing great, which means Tina is doing great! Congrats to both of you! It’s amazing these seemingly “little” accomplishments and triumphs you can find when you open your eyes and see them!! When Bart was first in recovery, I was very big on making a HUGE deal when he lifted his leg to go to the bathroom (trying to instill normalcy into his life) and to this day we still celebrate that accomplishment!! Funny enough, when we are out competing in Field Trials most of the Judges notice this and congratulate him for that!! Again, it is the little things that make each day a success!!

    Here’s to more successes and a really fun weekend camping! Can’t wait to see some pictures!!

    Darcy & Bart

  2. Able to leap onto beds in a single bound (or double, that’s ok too)!

    Ajax says hooray! and Ajax’s mom says she hopes you are feeling great

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