2 Month Ampuversary a very busy day.

(My heart weighs heavy today as I report the great day we are having here.  I think of all the people here who are not as fortunate as we are to have such a good outcome and my heart goes out to all of you.  To those suffering a recent loss, to those who have gotten the bad news of cancer, and to those of you who are in the roller coaster recovery phase after an amputation.)

Boomer has had a very busy day today.  He was very excited to go for a car ride to the vet for his 2 month ampuversary check -up.  We are very happy to report everything is healing up very nicely and Boomer was given a clean bill of health!  YEAH!!!  He is down to 86 pounds and only has 11 pounds more to lose so his weight is coming off nice and steady with no problems.  The vet and staff were so proud of how well he is recovering and his weight loss, there was hugs and kisses all around him.  Yes, Boomer loved every minute of it.

To celebrate we went to PetSmart and picked up a few things.  Every time we go there he gets doted on and everyone wants to love on him.  They were all happy to hear about the positive 2 month check-up and gave him plenty of small treats.

Now we are back home and getting ready to go on his first camping trip since his amputation.  We are living in a very good moment right now.

Wish everyone a great day!

Boomer and Tina