He overdid it

I know, dogs will be dogs and we should let them learn and not stand in the way of their attempt to establish their new normal after an amputation. But, Boomer overdid it yesterday and I am so sad to see him be lazy today.  Yesterday he did the 16 deck steps at least 6 or 8 times and that was a lot.  Then we have all our stairs inside and the fact he was so proud to be able to get up on the bed, he did that several times yesterday.  Also, he had troubles gaining his back foot after he got knocked down by MB Sammie on the kitchen floor (off of the carpets).  What a day.

Today, he realized he has a limitation with his discomfort and has requested help even getting up on the couch.  I gave him a good massage and he is now stretched out on my side of the bed sleeping.  I don’t know if he is dreaming or his leg is having spasms because only his back leg seems to be doing any twitching.  He has been panting some today and none of the other furry kids have been so I think he is definitely showing signs of discomfort.  To medicate or not, that is the question.  If he isn’t doing better tomorrow I will check with the vet before we head out to the lake.

Still living in the moment and thankful he is here for me to fuss over,