Boomer is amazing

It has been 2 months and 10 days since Boomer had his back left leg removed.  Our camping trip was wonderful, however, he couldn’t make it up into the lawn chair like he used to.  But he did manage to jump on the futon in the camper and from their get a boost onto the bed.  He really had so much fun and you could see in his expression how he was so happy to go to the lake for 5 nights.  Being outside and relaxing with no stress was good therapy for both of us. Check out a couple of the pics I took of his 1st camping adventure since his amputation:

Taking 2 legged sister for a walk.
Life is good.

He was tuckered out by the end of the trip as you can see he was falling asleep before bedtime.


One more update:

I am amazed at his progress.  He is now going up and down the long set of step off of the deck.  He does this a couple times a day and goes out into the back yard with his 4 legged siblings.  It is fairly tiring but he seems so proud of himself and he is showing more independence with every new found normal.

I still find myself slipping into a sad thought pattern when I see him hobble uncomfortably from over doing it.  However, I realize sometimes they just have to test their boundaries.  With these test Boomer learns what he can and can’t do and I see his pride in accomplishment.  Seeing him so happy when he shows me he can do things is so powerful and heartwarming.  Here is to wonderful moments and realizations to all.