Recovery room no more

Well, it has been 2 months and 2 weeks as of today since Boomers amputation.   I am happy to report, that Boomer is learning how to get on the bed by way of the chest at the foot of our bed.  He still needs a little help but I am sure he will be doing it on his own in a very short time.  That being said, we have finally removed all signs of a recovery room from our living room.  The mattress has been put back into the spare room.  It is so nice to have the house getting back to a normal.

Yesterday we took Boomer to the lake again and he enjoyed himself so much.  We stopped by Sonic and got him a cup of water because we didn’t bring any and while we were doing that we picked up some chicken poppers for him as well. It was easy to tell the food was yummy in his tummy by his big smile.

Friday we have planned another camping trip so Boomer and I are both looking forward to relaxing and de-stressing.

Hope all is well with everyone.

Making every moment count,