Recovery room no more

Well, it has been 2 months and 2 weeks as of today since Boomers amputation.   I am happy to report, that Boomer is learning how to get on the bed by way of the chest at the foot of our bed.  He still needs a little help but I am sure he will be doing it on his own in a very short time.  That being said, we have finally removed all signs of a recovery room from our living room.  The mattress has been put back into the spare room.  It is so nice to have the house getting back to a normal.

Yesterday we took Boomer to the lake again and he enjoyed himself so much.  We stopped by Sonic and got him a cup of water because we didn’t bring any and while we were doing that we picked up some chicken poppers for him as well. It was easy to tell the food was yummy in his tummy by his big smile.

Friday we have planned another camping trip so Boomer and I are both looking forward to relaxing and de-stressing.

Hope all is well with everyone.

Making every moment count,


7 thoughts on “Recovery room no more”

  1. Interesting re the bed…I’ve been agonizing about the bed thing, and had been sleeping on the floor for, welll, months, since all the operations started. My bed was a very high bed, and Gandalf used to jump up on a blanket box and onto the bed…and have his bed underneath. I decided that it wasn’t good to have him climb under anymore, nor to even THINK about jumping up on the box. So just a couple of weeks ago I got a futon thing…very low. And he loved it. But it was so low, practically on the floor and my back aches getting out of I’ve just added feet, taking it up to about sofa height. He hasn’t attempted ot get up and I feel so sad!

    I love reading your blog–we are pretty much at the same point I think. My living room is almost back to normal, except the rugs are probably going to be permanent…

    Have a happy trip.
    Meg and Gandalf

  2. boomer, great days!!!! glad you are doing so well, and your lives are getting back to a new normal. keep enjoying your poppers!!

    charon & spirit gayle

  3. Meg,
    I agree about the rugs. Our entrance has a 3 x3 wood floor and we have no slip rugs there and our kitchen is tile so we have rugs there as well. These are going to stay at least until we find something that looks better that works the same. I love reading your blog as well. It is almost like we know you in person because of the time frame our fur babies have shared.
    have you thought about a step for Gandalf to get up into bed with you? He is so brave and smart, I am sure he would catch on quick.
    Good luck to both of you.

    Charon, we are loving the ability to grasp the new normals.

    Living in the moment,

  4. Hey Boomer, we’ve been wondering how you were doing. I’m glad you’re getting spoiled at Sonic! Hey did you make it through the tornadoes OK? I’m worried, let us know.

  5. Boomer – you’re doing so awesome! I can relate to the wood floor problem. I thought Baby was doing fine on our wood floors until a huge clap of thunder caught us off-guard the other night. She was quite a sight – 150 lbs of 3 legs slip sliding around a corner to hide in the bedroom. Luckily, she just seems a little sore, but it could have been much worse. Guess we’re going to be rug shopping when we can.

    Gandalf – glad you’re doing so well too!

    Both of you – keep on healing!

    Hugs and Slobbers
    Judy and Baby

  6. Definitely we are going to think about a step up to bed–I’m just surprised he hasn’t bothered trying. It really isn’t higher than a sofa. But he hasn’t tried to do his usual sofa sitting much either.

    Wouldn’t it be great to be geographically closer!

    Re the thunder, Judy….I just bought a “thunder wrap” for Gandalf….see

    The rug thing…I found that the local hardware store sells carpet tiles, some smallish, but some bigger. They are rubber backed, and I can artfully arrange them to suit spots…like in front of doors. I am definitely wondering why I spend A LOT not so very long ago to replace the carpet with wood….sigh.


  7. Wood is not a tripawds friend and neither is any hard slick surface. Rugs however, of any type that have a backing are wonderful! As far as not getting on the bed…maybe it looks higher because it is bigger, I don’t know. Boomer is proving himself over and over with the chest up to the bed move so hopefully our dear Gandalf will soon be doing the same and you can get a much needed true rest. Good luck. Wishing we were closer,
    Tina and Boomer

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