Restful Day

Okay, so Boomer had a very busy day yesterday with going to PetSmart and to the vet to get a weight.  Well, he overdid it.  He is a little slow and a little tired today and it has been gray and raining so that hasn’t helped much.  But on a good note, he has done the stairs a few times today and has still been able to jump up on the couch.  He also still has a super food drive and has been very perky.

So we will call this a day to rest.

5 thoughts on “Restful Day”

  1. Sometimes those Tripawds get caught up in the moment and just don’t know when to quit. It sounds like a rainy afternoon on the couch is a perfect way to rest up from the over-exertion. Get some sleep Boomer, and feel better!

    Rio’s momma, Micki

  2. Hi Super Boomer! I am so excited to find your story here on Tripawds! You made a very nice comment on my foster moms post on the Tripawds facebook page when I was going in for my rear leg amputation. At that time you were a fairly new Tripawd also, and she has thought a lot about you since wondering how you are doing! So she is very happy to find that we can follow your progress now! I hope you got lots of rest yesterday and are raring to go today!

    1. Hannah, we love reading about you and how you are learning so many things and conquering your fears. You are a wonderful gal.

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