WOW I missed my Mom!  She went a very long way away to go see her Mom and Dad.  She didn’t take me with her because her parents have to mean MB’s (not like the wonderful and lovable MB’s that live here and blog on this site).  They are Yorkies and do not like other furry kids coming to visit.  Mom took the oldest 2 legged kid (Amber) and left me with Dad, the youngest 2 leg kid (Carolyn) and some kid that is friends with Carolyn who has been kicked out of their house.  (I don’t really care for that one.)

Well, back to the good stuff.  While Mom was gone, Dad only took me out to do my business.  Mom got back and we are going on our daily walks, having our evening cuddle time and my food is so much better and she takes me out in the back yard with the other dogs so I can be part of the family.  She doesn’t forget my after dinner mint (she says it is good for my joints, I don’t believe her because it taste good).

When Mom got home I sure let her know how much I missed her.  I gave her lots and lots of kisses, wagged my tail very big and pooped for her when we went on our first walk!  She loves it when I do that.  She brags about how I am such a good boy.

Life is getting back to normal again!

Happy tail wags to all,


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