Field Trip

Hi Everyone,

It’s me Boomer.  Don’t tell Mom but while she is out of the room I am using her computer to tell you about something fun and wonderful.  This morning Mom asked if I wanted to go on a field trip.  This was not a trip to the vet or just for a car ride this was a real field trip.  Our field trip started by going to the vets to see how much I weigh, then we didn’t go home right after that like we normally do.  We went to PetSmart!  I had so much fun.  There were all sorts of furry 4 legged kids playing where we could see them behind glass, there was this beautiful golden girl waiting in line when we walked in.  Her Mom said she was scared because she was attacked so I didn’t get to say hi to her.  Then there were these funny smelling small 2 legged critters that were talking to their Mom saying how I only have 3 legs.  Their Mom was trying to hush them.  My Mom just said yep he got rid of the spare leg.  Then they wanted to pet me.  But they smelled funny so I wasn’t sure about them.  There was a very nice lady that said she couldn’t believe how well I am getting around especially after Mom told her it has only been 1 month and 17 days.  And oh, the most cool part, there was a guy who fed me treats!  I liked him!  I even let him pet me.  I hope we go back there again soon.

Well, it has been a very busy and fun day today so guess I will put Mom’s computer back before she notices it missing and go take a nap.

Love to all my furry friends and their families,


2 thoughts on “Field Trip”

  1. Dear Boomer,

    I have been to PetSmart but it’s not my favorite place to go. But I’m a sourpuss who likes to stay home. I do like the things that come from PetSmart, though. I like the bones and the bully sticks and things with peanut butter. I’m glad you got to get out and about. Let us know when you go out on the town again. If you want to go to PetSmart near my house, I will send you a list. And some money. Then we can visit.

    Love, Dakota

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