Boomer is almost at his 2 year Ampuversary

WOW! Time flies! We are coming up on the 2 year ampuversary for our Golden Retriever, Boomer on Feb. 2nd. It is hard to believe he is 9+ years old and still going strong! I am so proud of him. He went to the vet this past week for a dental (3 teeth removed) and his blood work is great! He still does the long set of stairs off the deck several times a day without giving it a second thought. He has kicked cancers butt for almost 2 years and still showing us how great life is!
On a sad note, his Golden sister, Sunshine 10+ years old, has severe arthritis. Her hips and knees are bone on bone, her lower spine is fused together with damage from it. She struggles daily. We have started her on an anti-inflammatory, glucosamine and pain killers…quality, not quantity…I tell myself often right now. She is still so bright eyed and happy but she just can’t get up easy, do stairs without a struggle or walk without difficulty. Cancer has so many more options and is not a guarantee. Arthritis has options to make a dog more comfortable. It was easy to make the decision to amputate Boomers leg. It is difficult to determine when the quality is not enough for my dear Sunshine Lady of the Grey.
Cancer is horrific! Arthritis…sigh…the precious life it hurts, so full of life in a broken body.