Boomer has crossed the Rainbow Bridge

It has been a very long time since my last post. Sad to report, this is the last post about Boomer.

February 2016 would have been the 4 year mark for Boomer. I still remember the vet letting him come back home early because I wouldn’t leave his side. I remember my husband and I setting up a mattress on the living room floor for Boomer and me to sleep on. I remember around the clock medications and long nights. I wouldn’t trade that time with him for the world. It was wonderful to have him there, alive and by my side. He was so smart, he figured out all of the tricks that were used to hide his meds. But we got through it. We set up a chest at the foot of our bed for him to use to continue to sleep with us. He did so well, he maneuvered long flights of stairs like a pro. He never missed a chance to do zoomies for a cookie. He was a picture of perfect health, bright eyes, soft shiny coat, active and never stopped mooching for anything we ate.

Thats why I knew something was wrong last week when he stopped eating, started struggling to get up the stairs. Then it happened tar like bloody runs; constant panting. I called the vet we started him on some pain meds.”Sounds like cancer in the GI area.” Either way he was suffering and in a great deal of pain.
My husband came home early, we set an appointment for 5 o’clock. We were going to have blood work done, run through the whole routine, see what it would take to “make him better”. However, Monday he was pleading with his eyes, unable to stand up to do his business, and diminishing quickly. We made the choice to forgo all the test and exploration of treatments. So the appointment changed tones. We arrived at the office and they had a blanket on the floor with no slip underneath it. Boomer was very stressed out so they gave him a sedative to relax him a bit. We sat on the floor his head in my hands, my husbands hands gently caressing his scruff. Boomers heart fought to stay with us, it took what seemed like a long time for him to let go. At 5:25 Monday December 7th, Boomer was set free back to having 4 legs to run with his sister Sunshine.