The Journey Begins.

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Tomorrow I go to see my surgeon.  Mom assures me it is gonna be fine and I am not scared or nerveous in the slightest.  (Wish Mom and Dad weren’t).  Actually, I am not sure what all the fuss is about but it sure is stressing the folks out and that kinda makes me sad.  Dad gave me a nickname (Super Boomer) he has made up wonderful stories about how I save the world but never published them.  I really need to get him to do that.  He thinks I need to retire with the impending loss of my limb…I say NO WAY!  Super Boomer I will always be. 

So everybody stay tuned for my new adventures (that Mom or one of my 2 legged siblings will write for me) as the new Tripawd Super Boomer!


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28 thoughts on “The Journey Begins.”

  1. Super Boomer Saves the World! Love it. 🙂

    We’re looking forward to following your Tripawd adventures. Please have a speedy recovery and keep us posted.

    PS: Thank you for being a Tripawds Supporter!

  2. Dear Boomer,

    It only takes one usable leg to be super. If you have three, then you’re complete enough to be extra-super. I don’t really do anything amazing or outstanding, but I am an excellent companion to my family. I endure so much for their sake and allow them to pet me and take me outside and witness my bush peeing. You can do whatever you want when you have three legs and probably more than you could do with four because you get away with so much more. Don’t tell anyone I said that.

    Good luck tomorrow and write soon to let us know how you’re feeling. And if you aren’t feeling so hot, ask for advice. With all the humans around here, you can always find advice.

    Love, Dakota

  3. Oh, Super Boomer, take it easy on Mom and Dad. I was a wreck the night before my pup’s visit to the surgeon! Being humans, we tend to think way too much.

    I’m sure tomorrow will go fine and you’ll be back to saving the world in no time flat.

    1. (LOL) You know, that is exactly what I was telling my folks…they think way too much about this. I am sad that humans can’t just sit back and enjoy life no matter what comes their way like us Super (soon to be tripawds) can.
      Thanks for the reminder for me to take it easy on the folks.

  4. Oh, Super Boomer – we’d love to see you saving the world. Tripawds are super extra special – you can probably save the world even easier as a tripawd!!

    Hope you have a good recovery. Keep us posted!
    Jackie, Angel Abby’s mom

    1. That is what I tell Dad, that saving the world with one less leg to hold me back. Thanks for the well wishes and I will keep you posted on my adventures and journey.

  5. Just remember as Guy Clark says

    Be one of those who knows that life

    Is just a leap of faith

    Spread your arms and hold your breath

    And always trust your cape

    All super hero.s ,even dog ones need a cape………..I hear Tripawds

    is selling them……. Rooster Tripawed

  6. I can relate to your Mom and Dad being nervous. Our ‘Baby’ is on day 4 after surgery and we’re very nervous about bringing her home. We worry about everything! She doesn’t seem worried, just tired of being at the hospital. Maybe we need to learn from you and Baby. You are almost going through the adventure together. Lots of luck and lets stay in touch!

  7. I really didn’t want to get out of bed this morning (spending all night saving the world while my people sleep is hard work). So Mom and I had some extra cuddle time as she coaxed me to get up out of bed. She thought breakfast sounded like a good idea. I really didn’t want to eat it but she asked me to and I did.

    Mom seems a little more nerveous today but she is doing a good job trying to hide it. Although she keeps trying to get my foot to stay on a paper, something about a “shoe size”? I don’t get it…or, maybe just maybe she is going to get me a SUPER BOOMER costume. I might like that. 🙂

    I will keep you all posted after the doctors.

  8. Update:

    We just got back from meeting the doctor who is going to remove my back left leg. He is very nice and has lots of experience in the orthopedic field. Mom had a lot of questions and he had no problems answering them and she seems a little more at ease now.

    I really like the fact he is going to send me home with a stint in my leg that will keep things numb so I wont get any phantom pains during my recovery. He also talked to Mom about putting me on an all protein diet (yes REAL meat) He said if Mom wants she can cook for me. I will really like that so I hope she gets a good cookbook and I can let her know what the best recipes are.

    My surgery is going to happen so quick, this Thursday. The doctor said I will have to take some vacation from saving the world but even during my recovery I will be known as Super Boomer.

    1. Thank you. After talking to the vet doing the amputation, I am so more comfortable. Thank you again for your well wishes.

  9. Super Boomer’s day consisted of sharing the sleep number bed with his brother Gil, a Doberman mix rescue dog, and his fat daddy. When he stepped out of bed he started his plan to solve world hunger. The plan started by eliminated the current world leaders and transferring the world control over to the people and the Tripawd critters. Super Boomer has deducted that Tripawds or less selfish than the current world leaders and Tripawds could could chew the family jewels off of the private company leaders if they didn’t consider the regular people, so his solution is to take control of the world and remind the people of what it means to support the people. Super Boomer is looking forward to saving the world.

    1. Dad,
      I know you and Mom are having troubles with this please believe me when I say “I am going to do GREAT!” You raised me as a Super Boomer and know all the stories about how I save the world. It makes me sad that I can’t rescue you and Mom from the heartache you feel. Tripawds has so much support and I know Mom has gotten a lot of information and help from the site. I love you Dad and we are going to resume camping, eating rib-eyes and saving the world together as soon as I recover (super quick) from this surgery.

  10. Hi Boomer! Tell mom and dad to watch that all protein diet. I was finally down to a good weight for a tripawd but the all protein had me put back on 8 pounds in 3 weeks! Not good when you need to stay a lean, mean fighting machine to keep stress of the remaining legs!
    Chin up and ears perked!

    1. We will be working with the vet to make sure we don’t put too much food into my diet. Mom already has cut my rations a bit because she wants me to be lean. I told her “I am lean, it is all super hero muscle.” Thanks for the heads up.

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